Welcome to How to Write a Memo!

This website was made for the sole purpose of teaching aspiring engineers how to write a memo. Whether it be in school or in the technical workplace you will always be exposed to many types of memos.

What is a memo?

Memo is short for memorandum, which comes from the latin word memoria which means to bring to remembrance because memos can be used as a reminder for something important. A memo is a document written in order to give brief, yet informative information or instructions on a topic. Memos are used in situations that are too formal to use e-mail, typically in the college or business setting. Thus, writing a memo is important because it is a part of the technical communication skills needed to succeed in a career in engineering.

When is a memo used?

Memos can be used in many different situations, but they are generally used when more detailed communication, too detailed for an informal email, is used internally. They are also used when confidential correspondence is needed or when the specific formatting of the document is important. Usually, they are just used to send out information internally, while being more formal than an email would be.

How is it used?

A typical memo has some key formatting points:

  • To:
  • From:
  • Subject:
  • Date:
  • Headings are used for easy to find information
  • Information stays brief and concise
  • Organized so every paragraph shows a central idea
  • Generally kept to one page

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